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Shipping Info
Order Status

If we received your order before July 1, 2013 then your order has already been shipped.

  • Photos are shipped First Class Mail.
  • Plaques are shipped Priority Mail.
  • Please allow 1-3 weeks delivery for photo orders.
Return Policy

We provide a full refund of purchase price within 2 weeks of receiving unacceptable photo orders except as noted below. All products must be returned in good condition at customerís expense unless arrangements have been made with Penrose Photography. Refunds will not be given for digital images.

Refunds will not be given due to customerís typographical errors on personalized plaques. New engraved plate for personalized plaque may be ordered for $8.00 in which case new plate with instructions will be sent to customer. If customer requests Penrose Photography to remove incorrect plate and replace with new plate, the customer will pay priority mail or better shipping both ways in addition to $8.00 charge for new engraved plate.

Package Prices
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